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03 January 2010 @ 04:03 pm
Children of Time Awards Round 5  
I just wanted to drop in to let everyone know that Round 5 of the Children of Time Awards is now accepting nominations.

We've made a number of changes this round. The first being that each fandom will get one fic round a year. This round being strictly for Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, so that we can cater to the more fandom specific categories we've been asked about in past rounds. We've also dropped some of the rules restricting nominations of older stories or how many nominations an author can receive.

We have however, added a rule that will affect some, but hopefully not too many, of you. We are no longer allowing character bashing fics in any category. We love all the characters and want to see them all treated fairly. We aren't saying you have to portray every character in a completely positive way, we will accept a character shown in an unflattering light as long as it isn't too exaggarated. This is a rule that we will have a difficult time enforcing with out some help. We have some guidelines set out, but we can't read every nomination that comes in we'd never get any updates done, so if you see a nominated fic that you believe has bashing let us know so we can read it and make a decision.

We hope everyone can stop by and nominate their favorites and that the new list of categories has something for everyone.

Rules are here
Categories (for Torchwood) are here
Nominees here
and Nomination form here.

Oh and I nearly forgot, we realize there are no art categories this round. In the summer we will have a round specifically for the artists and vidders out there.